Denis Behr Kartenkünstler
Old Video Clips
These clips are here for nostalgic resons only. They were made mostly between 2000 and 2005.
For newer videos, see YouTube.
Colour Changes (don't blink...)
Bertram Change
Eidetic Change (Ed Marlo)
Multiple Eidetic Change (Marlo, England, Racherbaumer)
Up and Up Change (Ken Krenzel/Richard Kaufman)
Double Colour Change (Jack Merlin, Chris Kenner)
Snap Change
Double Snap Change
Flutter Change (Gary Kurtz)
False Deals (the simple things...)
Bottom Deal - Bordered Cards
Bottom Deal - Cards without Border
Stud Bottom Deal
One-Handed Stud Second Deal (Ed Marlo)
Push-Off Second Deal
(Slow) Push-Off Stud Second Deal
Fifth, Fourth,... Deal
Centre Deal (Gene Maze method)
"Centre Deal" Demo
Shuffling (suffle, shuffle, shuffle...)
Top Stock Control
Ten Hand Poker Stack (based on an Ed Marlo Handling)
Zarrow Shuffle(new clip: Zarrow & Strip-Out)
Push-Through Shuffle
Another Push-Through Shuffle
Strip-Out Shuffle 1
Strip-Out Shuffle 2
Heinstein Shuffle 1
Heinstein Shuffle 2
Controls (use your favorite method...)
Rising Sun (Dai Vernon)
Broadside Center Steal (Ernest Earick)
A Delayed Center Steal
Spread Cull
Passes (double undercut substitutes...)
Free Turn Pass (Bruce Cervon)
Fuentes Pass
Passing some Time
Faro Stuff (try the impossible...)
Table Faro
Table Faro - Close Up
Table Faro - Close Up 2
Anti-Faro (Christian Engblom)
A Proof for Elmsley's Binary Translocation No.1 (PDF)
Effects Only (lean back and enjoy...)
Distributraction - Collectors V (Larry Jennings)
Herbert (based on Bernard Bilis' Total A-Band-A-Ment)
Direct Triumph
Four Ace Production
Another Ace Production (first Ernest Earick's Variation of the Flip Revelation, then three times Tom Potente's Flip Revelation)
Yet Another Ace Production...
Claptrap (Ernest Earick)
House Guest (Ernest Earick)
JackSyna(ps)ces (Ernest Earick)
Proteus (Ernest Earick)
Waving the Aces (Guy Hollingworth)
Reformation (Guy Hollingworth)
Oil & Water - phase 1 (Guy Hollingworth)
How to lose the top card in the middle of the deck
Being completely Unnatural...
Coin Magic (what to do if your deck of cards has fallen in a glass of beer...)
Retention Vanish 1
Retention Vanish 2
Fingertip Retention Vanish 1
Fingertip Retention Vanish 2
Jumbo Coin Vanish
Visual Coins Across (VCA) - 3 Fly 1
Visual Coins Across (VCA) - 3 Fly 2
Thinking Big
Coin Star - Flourish

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