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Denis Behr presents:




          q u o t e s

[some of the stranger advice... seriously out of context!]




           On reality...
"I've never, in any of my books, said how great or fantastic, etc., one of my own effects was."
           Harry Lorayne - Quantum Leaps, page 149


           On motivating procedures...
"Perfomer now tells the tale, that this dictionery is already in its third edition, and that therefore spectator has to add the number 3 to the number of the page."
           Louis Lam - Would You Believe It?, page 18


           On irony...
"If you're lucky enough to have a collection of silk streamers..."
           Jim Steinmeyer - Genii, July 2011, page 32


           On fundamental laws...
"Comedy is, of course, closely associated with eggs."
           Harlan Tarbell - Tarbell Course of Magic Vol.2, page 269


           On anatomy...
"bear in mind that large-breasted women won't have to bend the top card as far, because it will be situated at a comfortable viewing distance in front of them"
           Joshua Jay - MAGIC February 2011, page 68


           On basic logic...
"...the best place to hide a method is somewhere else."
           Karl Fulves - Combo II, page 84


           On natural numbers...
"I will give it to you in FIVE words. 'THE ART OF CONCEALING THE CAUSE'."
           Eddie Joseph - Dumbfounders with Cards, page 1


           More on natural numbers...
"Since 4򉕘 = 64, which is smaller than 52."
           Denis Behr - Handcrafted Card Magic, page 85


           On universal effects...
"No matter how bad the show, or how little the kids, or how hard it is to get their attention, take a live rabbit and coil of paper out of your hat and you're safe."
           Al Baker - The Secret Ways of Al Baker, page 135


           On faro effects...
"A friend of mine picked up a deck of cards and said he was going to show me a faro trick. I took out a gun and shot him."
           Charlie Miller - The Pallbearers Review, Volume 5 No.1, page 292


           On sound effects...
"As you deal the second ace to yourself, laugh like a rabbit."
           Juan Tamariz - Mnemonica, page 32


           On women...
"Never, ever entertain women. This is serious! We all know that women have a natural aversion to card tricks... therefore, show them NOTHING. If they havent got the brains to remember a card and a number, then they dont DESERVE to see the fucking sponge balls."
           Jerry Sadowitz - The Crimp No.12, page 96


           On intelligent writing...
"My New Fan Steal (an overlooked, but excellent move) is a completely different concept; it doesn't really fit this discussion at all."
           Harry Lorayne - Star Quality, page 276


           On obnoxiousness...
"More vulgar gestures are illustrated in thimble magic books than in any other type of magic book."
           Steve Beam - Digital Effects, page 18


           On zero-sum sentences...
"Let's return to the matter of actual gambling routines. I could write a book just on how to properly present this kind of material. (I won't; I don't intend to create professional competition for myself.)"
           Darwin Ortiz - Strong Magic, page 98


           On the importance of presentation...
"Say that you have to discover his card by unconscious cerebration or any other high-faulting nonsense you care to use."
           Jean Hugard - More Card Manipulations No.3, page 28


           On trends...
"What magic needs today is less 'whimsy' and more 'whamsy'."
           Arthur Leroy - Tarbell Course of Magic Vol.4, page 337


           On really practical advice...
"Here's another ploy I often use. During a performance, I'll mention that before the show someone came up to me and mentioned a trick they had seen me do on the Dick Cavett Show (or whatever my most recent TV appearance may be at that time)..."
           Darwin Ortiz - Strong Magic, page 326


           On modesty...
"Admittedly, many of the sleights in this book are not particularly easy to learn. I, personally, didn't experience too much trouble learning most of them."
           Harry Lorayne - The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel, page 150


           On self-assessment...
凧uan [Tamariz] has written in his books, and has said to many magicians, and to me, that it is my kind of thinking in magic that started him along the magical pathways he now travels.
           Harry Lorayne - Apocalypse Vol.15, No.6, page 2077


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